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Woodworking in Cincinnati, OH

Thane Lorbach Custom Woodworking is the premier source for businesses looking for top-of-the-line woodworking services specializing in the creation of high-quality commercial woodworking, including the production of custom retail signage, tables, store fixtures such as beer taps, and business displays. We use state-of-the-art modern machinery such as CNC and Co2 lasers.

With over 20 years of experience, there’s no project too big or complicated. We welcome a challenge, and we combine our modern machinery with traditional methods to get the job done with finesse. We’ve built our business upon passion and precision, making us your number one choice for woodworking in Cincinnati, OH.

Our Process
Commercial Woodworking
CNC & Laser

Commercial Woodworking for Businesses

Every business needs displays, signs, and other fixtures to give customers the best possible experience. Thane Lorbach Custom Woodworking specializes in designing and creating custom woodworking projects! There's no better way to represent your business than with handcrafted commercial signage and retail displays.

Thane Lorbach Custom Woodworking is your trusted partner to turn your design into reality. Contact us today!

CNC & Laser Woodworking

Thane Lorbach Custom Woodworking utilizes our CNC machine in several custom projects, including small-scale manufacturing, custom furniture, signage, and much more.

Additionally, our team can easily engrave and cut your unique logo, image, or inscription through our 100-watt industrial CO2 laser. We can work with wood, acrylic, glass, leather, and more!

Let’s Get Started

Ready to bring your custom woodworking project to life? Thane Lorbach Custom Woodworking can’t wait to help! Give us a call at (513) 679-0411 to discuss your design and needs, and let’s get started. We’ll talk to you soon!


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